Smart Classes for Ukrainian Students

The war in Ukraine has displaced close to ten million Ukrainian citizens thus far. SmartAID is on the ground and working closely with partners in Ukraine and bordering countries to respond to this crisis (learn more here). SmartAID teams have witnessed firsthand how displaced Ukrainian families are desperately trying to register their children to local schools in safe Ukrainian cities and in host countries. To address this, SmartAID with its partners (mentioned below) launched a program called ‘Smart Classes’ of which we have already opened 104 with the goal to support both internally-displaced Ukrainian Children as well as those who are currently in host countries. To expand this critical initiative to more Ukrainian children, we are fundraising to add additional Smart Classes throughout the region.

Countries involved in Smart Class initiative

Our action plan

  1. Partner directly with schools, local charities, and government partners, including the Ministries of Education, to identify potential schools that can host Ukrainian children
  2. Equip each Smart Class with laptops, projectors, tablets and smart screens to enable teachers and benefit students who can continue their studies with their peers in a safe and stable environment 
  3. Connect each Smart Class to the “Smart Class Network.” This allows students to access educational materials uploaded by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and also ensures that students can continue to connect with their peers and former classmates who have been displaced by the war
  4. Lead with sustainability to ensure that the Smart Classes will continue serving local children in host countries after the war ends. Smart Classes, in both the Host countries and Ukraine itself, will ultimately benefit those local education systems with new technology
  5. Exchange best practices by ensuring that the program connects every school that is hosting Smart Classes so that teachers and staff support each other academically and interact socially