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Our mission will never be achieved through our work alone. We believe dynamic, strong partnerships are critical to solving complex global challenges. Through donation or time or money, our partners help us to increase impact and provide unique skills and knowledge.

Our partners are committed to developing and supporting socially responsible initiatives that build stronger, more resilient communities, while enhancing their own unique business and development goals.

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How our partners help

Enable disaster relief efforts

We have a dedicated fund for natural disaster and humanitarian aid efforts, allowing us to be first responders in times of need.

Enable aid-orientated innovation

We work alongside strategic partners to create innovation programmes that facilitate humanitarian aid efforts and aid-centred development.

Provide critical support

Companies like DHL, X, Y, and Z have rolled up their sleeves to help smartAID provide critical support around the world.

Volunteer for in-field deployment

Hundreds of dedicated and caring people from around the world have volunteered to provide disaster relief.

How we help our major partners

smartAID is committed to giving back to those that give to us. We understand that supporting us is a reflection of your values and commitment to creating social change. Our team will work with you to create a program or project that supports your mission, enhances your business goals and maximizes impact.

Our major partners are true collaborators who bring their expertise and passion to our programs and projects to create lasting change to the lives of people in poor and marginalized communities or those rebuilding their lives following a disaster.

Access cutting edge innovations in the field

smartAID has a growing list of partner companies that it draws upon when it needs to implement a program. Therefore the smartAID is able to offer its major partners with immediate technological solutions.

Connect with innovators, innovation hubs and programs

smartAID has a growing list of non profit organizations and hubs across the world which it offers its corporate partners access to in accordance to their needs.

Meet decision makers in local communities and governments where smartAID operates

smartAID board and experts have decades of field work in countries worldwide which results in strong local government relationships.

Meet decision makers at other organisations involved in smartAID programs

Find new opportunities to collaborate in new or adjacent markets through smartAIDs partner network.

Be acknowledged as a humanitarian contributor and socially-conscious business

smartAID sees itself as a beacon in the AID-TECH community. We are establishing our name among both government and non government actors on the ones hand and with corporation actors on the other. smartAID's added value is its members’ vast knowledge and experience in integrating technologies into communities in need in times of natural and man made disaster as well as in long term development programs globally.

Our partners

Action Aid Australia
Arison Foundation
Ayala Foundation
Bank of America
Blue Dart
Cuddle Bundles
Dashing Digital
Disaster Relief Australia
Heifer Mexico
Jewish Federation of San Diego City
Jewish United Fund
Juno Energy
Lifting Hands
Little Sun
Med Global
Ministry of Digital Transformation Ukraine
Ministry of Education
Miracle Missions
Modolva For Peace
Oil Search Foundation
Pandemic of Love
Peace Winds Japan
Red Cross Brazil
Republic of Rwanda
Restart Partners
Ripples for Change
Russel Berrie
Smorgon Group
THIRDWAVE Volunteers
Tenfold Australia
Unite to Light
Victor Smorgon Charitable Fund
We Band Together
Yazidi Emergency Support
Yum Indonesia
Ziv Medical Center