Second mission delivering solar lanterns to Northern Iraq / Kurdistan, Iraq

smartAID (previously iAID) team sent and distributed over 5,000 solar powered lanterns into Kurdistan, to the Yazidis who are living in refuge camps on top of Sinjar Mountain in Iraq.

The Yazidis have suffered the worst genocide since August 2014. The Islamic State, ISIS declared that this race were infidels and massacred thousands. Many woman and children were sex trafficked.

smartAID/iAID’S Ambassador at large Alethea Gold worked in partnership with DHL who sponsored the delivery of the lights to Northern Iraq.  DHL flew the 5,000 lights into Erbil, where they then transferred them with trucks into Dohuk.

IAID teamed up with a local non profit called “YES” and together with a team from "Helping Hands”from the USA we distributed the lights to the Yazidi’s in Sinjar. Our aid in Iraq enabled:

  • Children to eat dinner with their friends and families for the first time in 4 years.
  • Students were able to study at night.
  • Woman were able to carry lights to go to the bathrooms at night and not be afraid.
  • ‍One woman sewed for 7 hours straight through the night.
  • ‍Children were able to visit friends and play outside after dark carrying their lights.

Thank you

iAID teamed up with Molly, Kyle and David from Lifting Hands International

Pics by David Lohmueller