Emergency Response with Professional Search and Rescue for Turkey

February 6th at 4-30 AM the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Gaziantep on the Southeast Turkey border near Syria.

25 SmartAID/Magen professional Search and Rescue teams were flown immediately to the earthquake zone. They were on the earthquake site by 7pm on the day of the quake. This team worked 72 hours straight before any of them slept a whole night. They volunteered their time for 10 days. 

We are asking for your support to help us save more lives by donating to our efforts.

In the video below you can see Aiysha, a 50-year-old woman from Nurdagi in earthquake affected Turkey, was foundburied under a 5-story apartment building.  For the past 40 hours sincethe earthquake struck Aiysha was buried under extreme circumstances in zero-degreeweather, with no access to water and food.  Our Search & Rescue teamworked tirelessly for 14 hours straight to safely pull her out from under therubble and ensured she was taken care of by local health officials.

Shachar Zahavi founder of SmartAID sharing the pain with the local victims

SmartAID still remains on the ground, responding to the humanitarian needs following the devastating earthquake that hit Türkiye and Syria on February 6th.

While visiting one of the affected sites in Hatay, the team met Hassan, a local resident whose house was completely destroyed in the earthquake.

Hassan is among hundreds of thousands of survivors in the city who are homeless and struggling to survive with no shelter and near-freezing winter temperatures.

During the visit,Hassan approached the team SmartAID, to share his tragic story. He spoke about his devastating loss. Hassan lost his wife and 11-year-old son, along with his father, mother, sister and his 6-year-old niece.

All the family members are still buried deep under the rubble of his collapsed house while he lives in front of the building, under a makeshift housing with a tint as a roof and blanket as a wall to shelter from the cold.

SmartAID is helping Hassan together with our local partners with shelter, basic necessities and also psychological / trauma support to handle his grief. 

Shachar Zahavi founder of SmartAID sharing the pain with the local victims

Hassan’s house