Emergency Relief for Ukrainians

Refugees and internally-displaced people helped
Power banks given to refugees crossing the borders
$4 million
Medical equipment and medicines distributed
Hospitals & clinics assisted in Ukraine
Electric generators set up for hospitals, clinics, ambulances and fire stations
Solar-power lighting units given to health responders
Starlink units deployed to enhance connectivity in temporary camps & shelters
50 tons
Hygiene kits blankets, beds & heaters given to displaced persons
Smart classes for Ukrainian students to gain access to computing and technological education (45-50 students per class)

On February 24th, the world watched in horror as Russia began its assault on Ukraine. In the month since then, SmartAID teams have responded rapidly to assist women and children crossing the borders, families staying behind, and local first responders attending to their communities.  We have done this by partnering with aid agencies operating in Ukraine and its neighbors. SmartAID works responsibly and effectively to harness the power of innovation and technology to save lives.

Alethea and Shachar both spend time in Ukraine making sure all the projects are working. Below they provided:

  • 2,500 thermal blankets provided to 7 old age homes of elderly Ukrainians who were brought from the east.
  • Babies bottle warmers x 500 Units provided to kids in hostels
  • Since March 2023 over 45 hospitals received Baby incubators and Solar Generators
  • 18 shipping containers with: medical items, blankets, utensils, sleeping bags
  • Power banks to charge phones provided to 75 Ukrainian charities operating in eastern Ukraine
  • Young mentally disabled hospital provided with laptops for the health workers, AND installed wifi / connectivity across the hospital to allow access to internet.
  • Renovated the kitchen in the home for mentally disabled to feed hundreds of people a day

Aged care home where SmartAID donated blankets and other warm essentials

Locations of active operations


Lviv; Vinnitsa-Uman; Dnipro; Ivano-Frankivsk; Kyiv; Rivne; Berdychiv; Kharkiv (if lines are open); Mobile Health Units Throughout the Country


Medyka Border Crossing; Zosin Border Crossing; Warsaw (Expo)


Tiszabecs/Vylok Border Crossing; Csengersima/Dorolt Border Crossing


Ocnita Border Crossing; Palanca Border Crossing; Giurgiulesti Camp; Christiau Shelter Moldexpo

Note: Smart Class Initiatives are running in multiple locations throughout Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Moldova. Those locations are not presented in the map above


Logos Not Shown: Ulyana Kuzyk Foundation; Zatyshne Misto, Drogobych; Phoenix Project