Helping Flood Impacted Communities in Northern NSW Australia

SmartAID worked alongside Human Nature Adventure Therapy in the flooded area in Lismore by using Kärcher cleaning equipment to help offer hygienic cleansing, installing solar generators to supply power and access to internet by installing SpaceX / Starlink satellite dishes. They look after very vulnerable youths.

Heavy rains drenched the Northern Rivers of Australia triggering evacuation orders for thousands of flood-weary residents for the second time in a month, many families are still traumatised from the floods that hit the region. 

SmartAID partnered with Kärcher provided pressure washers and de-humidifiers, which were used for clean-up and recovery of homes, community centers and small businesses in the area.

Since the floods SmartAID worked closely with ‘Human Nature’ and helped broaden the number of communities we were able to serve with Kärcher donated equipment.After Human Nature was cleaned up, the Kärcher equipment was loaned to 62homes, 12 local charities who serve thousands of families and 8 small businesses. 

WhenSmartAID found out pet food was not available in the area and that mosquitos were becoming a problem, from the water, we arranged for mosquito repellent and pet food to be donated to everyone in the area, which DHL helped to deliver quickly.

SmartAID continues to help in this region. 

Recently SmartAID setup Solar power panels on the roof of a local NGO 'Resilient Lismore'. They look after the local community when disasters occur. 

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Mosquito repellent and pet food donated to everyone in the area, whichDHL helped to deliver quickly

SmartAID installed solar power to Resilient Lismore. A hub that looks after all the locals in need to help them bring their electricity costs down, to help them.