Installing STEM centres in Sub Saharan Africa


The STEM centres we have installed in Africa aim to educate the local youth in all these countries by providing them with computers and classes on how to use them and various software that will facilitate their ability to gain careers in the STEM field in the future. 


SmartAID in partnership with DHLand STEMpower, and the local African Ministries of Education in each country, continues to expand its digitalisation and STEM centres across SubSaharan Africa. 


One at Kuajok National Secondary school in SOUTHSUDAN a centre, which is housed in the oldest school building inSouth Sudan, built in 1927 by the British government.


The second centre was installed at the Universityof Dschang, in CAMEROON. We envision Cameroon to anchor ourexpansion throughout the Francophone countries in the western side of Africa.


Centres are equipped with a:Smart Class, 3D Printers, a sciencelab and an electronic lab which contains generators, microcomputers,electronic components, sensors, solar panels on the roof and more.


We make sure that the installation, education, and maintenanceis all done by local installers and trainers who are part of our team.We know African countries have the capabilities to scale theirtechnological and industrial leadership and that they will helprevolutionise both industries.


Our mutual STEM centres currently benefit hundredsof thousands of youths across Sub-Saharan Africa. 


Our aim is to help the whole continentof AFRICA become a technological and technical leader in the world,providing its young citizens with the opportunity to have careers in emergingprofessional fields. 


STEM education will be life changing for these young people

Thousands of these girls will be trained in STEM

Jed Michaletos, Managing Director DHL South Africa (DHL Express) was at the opening of the first STEM centre in South Africa  

Mobile STEM lab in Ethiopia