Masks and health items for Coronavirus patients in China

SmartAID's global emergency response teams in Australia and the US together with their Chinese partners  "StandWithWuhan” and DHL global, have been working around the clock to support the local hospitals  in Hubei and Shandong provinces in China.

As the virus is spreading globally SmartAID is expanding to other countries in urgent need of help.  

With the invaluable help of SmartAID’s global partner DHL Global, who airlifted 35,000 plus masks and additional health related items which were successfully delivered to the hospital in China  龙口中心医院 LongKou in Shandong Province, to support and help doctors and nurses treating coronavirus patients.

DHL Global has just airlifted 600 kilos of medical masks from Peru, destined to a hospital in Hubei Province.

The relief effort to support the medical community in China to manage the coronavirus epidemic is ongoing and ever-changing.

We continue to  work sending additional crucial health items to hospitals in China and now other affected countries across the world.

smartAID package arriving at DHL in China

LongKou Central Hospital, 龙口中心医院  in Shandong Province