SmartAID delivered thousands of solar lights to a container city and four tent cities for displaced people

SmartAID Turkey brought light to women and children affected by the recent earthquake this week. DHL delivered 1 solar Buddy light, with a phone charger and a water purifier in one kit for each family in Adayaman Container City. 1500 people in this camp. Thank you, SolarBuddy in Australia. 

SmartAID also delivered solar lights with phone chargers to 4 other TENT camps, Samandağ kil, Hayvanpazari, Kirikhan, and Tavla, as well as Adana municipality container city in Turkey,The SmartAID teams’ solar program is providing safety from the increasing gender-based violence during dark hours. Women and children can safely go to the latrines and showers now in the dark. Additionally, families now have the opportunity to manage their households in tents at night, which was not previously possible. 

Thank you, Ayala Foundation, for your wonderful support.