SmartAID delivers to field hospital in Hatay, Turkey

The aid that arrived from Australia went straight from Sydney on a DHL plane to the Hatay Mustafa Kemal University Field hospital. NATO set up this field hospital 24 hours after the quake.The Chief Physician of HMKU, Professor Dr. Onur Koyuncu, received the goods. 

He explains that the consecutive earthquakes that began on February 6th have had an impact on 11provinces, including Hatay. Among these provinces, Hatay has suffered the most significant damage in the region due to these earthquakes.


This Field hospital is still seeing an average of 500 people a day. 

Chief Physician of HMKU, Professor Dr. Onur Koyuncu in ICU tent with Alethea Gold

Orthopaedic tent

With a broken leg, he had no crutchuntil SmartAID gave him this one