SmartAID helps flood victims in Pakistan with clean water and solar energy

SmartAID remains committed to supporting Pakistan's flood response even after so many months since the devastating floods that claimed thousands of lives. The floods submerged one-third of the country, and displaced eight million people. Sadly, many families and children still reside in tents in refugee camps with malnutrition rising and hygiene situation decreasing.

In response, SmartAID's team in Pakistan with its local partner WRC has provided essential services in Malakand region such as repairing water filtration, distributing safe drinking water units to prevent waterborne diseases, setting up solar power grids to ensure electricity access for health institutions, and refugee camps, and establishing connectivity (telecommunication) points to enhance the aid provided by local grassroots charities to hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people.

SmartAID, in collaboration with WRC, successfully installed solar panels on Totakan Hospital, located in the flood-prone district Malakand Khyber Pakhtoon khwa province of Pakistan. This program will ensure a consistent supply of electricity to the hospital, benefiting approximately 40,000 local families who rely on the hospital's medical services. 

With an average of 5,000 patients treated everymonth, the hospital's operation theatre, pathology lab, radiology department,labour room, dental facility, and medicine store among others, will now beoperational with uninterrupted power supply.

This will enable the medical staff to provide better treatment and care to the patients.