SmartAID Respond to the Maui wildfire crisis

SmartAID Response
Maui Wildfire
Giving Light & Hope to Families

We have launched our response to the Maui wildfire crisis. By combining clean energy solutions, essential aid, and telecommunications, we are making sure that every child, mother, and family will have access to electricity, internet, and essential basic needs.

To make this happen, we are deploying mobile solar power units to emergency shelters, critical health facilities, and local charities, making sure all the basic needs are addressed properly and helping families on the island.

The team will also provide access to internet to ensure families can reach out to their loved ones and access humanitarian support, while also enabling our local community-based partners to use the systems to coordinate their efforts in more remote areas of the island.

We are all about partnership, localization, empowering the community, and maximising each donation to its fullest capacity.

Join us in strengthening all our loved ones.