The First 100 Days Of War In Ukraine

refugees and internally-displaced people impacted by SmartAID
Power Banks Given to Refugees Crossing The Borders
Medical Equipment and Medicines Distributed
Hospitals & Clinics Assisted in Ukraine
Electric Generators Set Up For Hospitals, Clinics, Ambulances and Fire Stations
Solar-Power Lighting Units Given to Health Responders
Starlink Units Deployed To Enhance Connectivity in Temp. Camps & Shelters
50 Tons
Hygiene Kits, Blankets, Beds & Heaters Given to Displaced Persons
Smart Classes For Ukrainian Students to Gain Access to Computing and Technological Education

We are working responsibly and effectively to harness the power of innovation and technology to save lives, alleviate suffering, and empower communities to live the kind of life they value. As we continue to provide much needed support to those affected, this is what you can expect to see from SmartAID over the next 100 days:

Telemedicine Centres

  • TV’s and video conferencing equipment to enable U.S. doctors to assist medical personnel with complex surgeries
  • Goal: Already installing 1 in Kharkiv & 1 in Lviv. aiming to open 13 more

Smart Classes

  • Enables Ukrainian children to continue their education
  • Goal: Next 100 days add 50 more to have a total of 170 Smart Classes by the start of the school year. Ultimately SmartAID wants to establish a total of 300 Smart Classes.


  • Setting up WiFi routers in community centers, health facilities and other gathering places for internally-displaced persons
  • Goal: Help 10+ towns across Ukraine


  • Providing drones that can be used to bring food into affected areas, as well as to surveil the scene to allow civilians trapped in the fighting to be rescued
  • Goal: Distributing 40+ of these drones within Ukraine

Renewable Energy

  • Solar power + generators for local hospitals and clinics to ensure reliability of the power supply
  • Goal: Distribute 25-50 Solar panels +generator systems

WASH Solutions

  • Water purification units in impacted communities + power washing units to improve hygiene within facilities that accommodate internally-displaced persons
  • Already installed 5 prefabricated container units with restrooms + showers serving 1,000 families
  • Goal: 10 locations selected for water purification + 50 power washing units distributed throughout Ukraine


You can download the full report here.

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