Third mission to Iraq Delivering solar lanterns to the top of Sinjar Mountain in Kurdistan/Northern Iraq

DHL picked up the lights China and flew them into Erbil, Iraq… and then drove them in a truck across to Dohuk …


Baderkhan and his team from Y.E.S. (Yazidi Emergency Support)  picked them up and delivered in a truck up Sinjar Mountain together with Amy LBean, whose recently written a book on the genocide of the Yazidi’s  "The Last Yezidi Genocide"

Kids now walking around at night with lights… feeling safe!

Walking to the toilet at night… now they’re safe from being hurt or raped at night in the dark.

A man using his lantern in Sinjar Mountain
Opening the lanterns in Sinjar Mountain
The solar panel that powers each lantern

The strap that lets people hang the lantern anywhere
The lanterns turn on automatically when opened